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I’m not perfect. I have stretch marks and my thighs are big. My teeth aren’t straight and my face breaks out. My vision isn’t perfect and I have tan lines. I bite my nails sometimes and my laugh sounds weird. My hair isn’t pin straight and my waist isn’t tiny. My boobs aren’t big and my cheeks are chubby. I’m shy and very weird. My grades aren’t always amazing and I can’t always stay out of trouble. I’m accident prone and smile way too much. My nose is too big and my eyes aren’t colored. I have scars, I’ve been hurt, cheated on, used & broken. . How can you possibly love me? 


Relax. Dry your eyes. Hang up when he calls. Delete all his messages. Stop stalking all his sites & stop reading all the letters he gave you. Give yourself some pride. If somebody asks you about him, nicely answer that you don’t know. Never freak out. Live like you don’t care for you really don’t. Listen to your friend’s advice. Stay beautiful & make that stunning smile a habit. Go out. Get busy. Be happy. Keep this in mind set : everyday is a chance to meet someone better or even the best. Stay true that you’ve been hurt & you’ve learned from it. Now … let go. ♥ 

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